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Designed for Trailering, Travel and Storage prices start at $109

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Coverworld offer the widest selection of Boat Covers in Australia, our range includes fully custom / tailored fit, semi custom fit and universal fit. All of the covers in our range are designed to provide excellent protection for your Boat from the elements, if you had been dissapointed by boat covers from other retailers then look at our range, we offer up to 5 years warranty depending on your choice of cover. Our made to order range are manufactured using exceptional quality Marine Grade fabrics that are engineered for Australia's harsh weather conditions, tough enough for the most intense UV and weather conditions


Our made to order covers are available in beautiful fabrics in great colour choices with thousands of cover options available for all popular Australian, NZ and USA made boats.


Semi and Custom Fit Boat Covers at 50% less than most trimmers with up to 5 years warranty and 20 colours to choose from


Choose your Style of Boat Below. If you are not sure which style cover suits your Boat Please Contact Coverworld sales team for assistance finding the correct cover for your Boat


Custom Fit Boat Covers

Custom Fit Boat Covers are tailored to provide a smooth fit across the boat following the curve and contours to offer the same precision that you would expect from a Tailor Made Boat Cover by a Marine Trimmer.

Custom Fit Boat Covers are available for many popular USA manufactured boat models, if ew dont offer a custom Fit cover for your Boat our styled to Fit Covers are available for many Boat styles with up to 5 year warranty based on Fabric choice.

You can choose from Performance Polyguard® or Sunbrella® for your Custom Made Boat Cover, Custom Fit Covers are made to order in the USA and normal lead time is 3-4 weeks.

Styled to Fit Boat Covers

Styled to Fit Boat Covers are a great choice when the quality of the fabric used and the warranty is important but you dont have the budget for the fully Custom Fit Boat Cover.

Styled to Fit Boat Covers are designed for a wide range of Styles of Boats from Open Boats to Cruisers and also for specialist models such as boats with Wake / Ski Towers.

The covers are manufactured with High Quality USA manufactured fabrics that provide years of protection.

All Styled to Fit Boat Covers are made to order and normal manufacturing lead time is 3-4 weeks.

Semi Custom Fit Boat Covers

Semi Custom Fit Boat Covers are similar to the Styled to Fit boat covers, they are designed for the most popular boats being used in Australia in a range of sizes that suit most models.

Semi Custom Fit are designed for trailering, they are pre-made so no need to wait for manufacturing of them, they come in a neutral grey colour and are provided with all Tie Down Straps and a Storage Bag.

Universal Fit Boat Covers

Universal Fit Boat Covers are an economical cover that can be used for Storage purposes or for light trailering use. They are designed to accomodate many styles of Boat Models but are not reccomend as a cover for regular trailing use.

Universal Fit Boat Covers offer a good quality material at a reasonable price.